School leaders

Joanne Alexander

Headteacher, Nethersole CE Primary Academy

Jo became Headteacher at Nethersole Academy in June 2019.  Prior to this, Jo was Deputy Head at St George’s, Edgbaston from September 2018.

Shirley Atkar

Headteacher, St George's CE Primary Academy, Edgbaston

Shirley is the Head teacher at St Georges Church of England Primary School, Edgbaston.
Shirley has passionately worked for the Church of England from newly qualified teacher to her appointment as Head Teacher of St Georges Church of England Primary School, Edgbaston in January 2013.
Shirley’s love and aspirations for the pupils, staff, families and the wider school community are at the heart of all she strives to do.

Paula Burns

Head teacher, Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Paula became Headteacher at Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy in September 2015. Prior to this, Paula spent 15 years teaching at schools in Sandwell. 

Sue Bostock

Headteacher at Warton Nethersole's CE Primary School

Sue is Headteacher at Warton Nethersole’s Primary School.  Warton Nethersole’s joined Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (BDMAT) on 1st September 2019.

Sue was officially appointed to the Head Teacher’s role in 2012. Prior to that she taught in classes across both Key Stages including some years in Reception.  Sue feels privileged to lead a dedicated and professional staff, and to feel part of the local community of Warton.  Most importantly, she enjoys working with, and getting to know, the children who continue to delight her with their endless energy and desire to learn new things.

Jane Bruten

Interim Headteacher at St Michael's CE Primary School

In January 2020, Jane became the Interim Headteacher at St Michael’s CE Primary School in Bartley Green. Previously, Jane was Headteacher at Quinton Church Primary School.
The education of the whole child through opportunities to enrich their lives in activities that broaden and deepen learning is at the heart of Jane’s philosophy for education.
Encompassing the Christian values that are key to BDMAT alongside welcoming the children of the community into a caring, secure and safe environment is a priority for Jane in her headship.

Anita Delaney

Headteacher, St. Margaret's CE Primary School

Anita became headteacher at St Margaret’s CE Primary School in September 2018. Prior to this, Anita has been teaching for 24 years, spending most of her teaching career in Solihull.

Linda Francis

Headteacher, St George's CE Primary Academy, Newtown

Linda was appointed Headteacher at St George’s, Newtown in September 2019.  Linda has served within the primary education sector for twenty years teaching in Birmingham, Dudley and Sandwell local authorities. She is extremely proud to be the head teacher of St. George’s Primary Academy, Newtown.

Matthew Edwards

Headteacher, Coleshill CE Primary School

Matthew returned to his roots when he was appointed Head Teacher of Coleshill C of E Primary School in April 2018, having previously spent his teaching career in Staffordshire.

Melanie Johnson

Head of School, St Michael's, Handsworth

Melanie became Head of School at St Michael’s CE Primary Academy in June 2019.

Lee Kilkenny

Headteacher at Austrey CE Primary & Newton Regis CE Primary School

Lee is Headteacher at Austrey CE Primary & Newton Regis CE Primary School.  Both schools joined Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (BDMAT) on 1st September 2019.

Lee became Headteacher of both Austrey and Newton Regis primary schools in September 2015 and this is his 3rd Headship.  He began his teaching career in 1997 in Acocks Green in Birmingham.  He has had many and varied roles in education including working as a maths consultant in Walsall, Deputy Head and Headteacher of 2 schools in Staffordshire.   He is passionate about ensuring that pupils have access to a rich and vibrant curriculum, one which engages all learners and prepares them for life in the 21st century.

Sally-Ann Roberts

Headteacher, Nonsuch Primary Academy, Woodgate Valley

Sally has worked at Nonsuch Primary School for the last sixteen years and has been the Headteacher since January 2019.
Sally strongly believes that a quality education gives children both choices and life chances. This belief is at the heart of everything she does.

Devina Shryane

Headteacher, St Clement's CE Primary Academy

I have developed and grown in my passion for teaching, guiding and supporting children, staff and families during my 16 years at St Clement’s CE Academy. There was a period during this time when I worked at a very different type of school, but quickly realised that working within a Church of England inner city school was where I felt most effective.

Awen Simpson

Headteacher, Woodside CofE Primary School

Awen became headteacher at Woodside C of E Primary in 2009 and prior to that she had worked in both C of E and Catholic schools across North Warwickshire.  She feels that the core Christian values of love and respect for all, underpin all that she strives to achieve for the children and wider school community.

Sam Smith

Headteacher, Hawkesley Church Primary Academy

Sam became Head of School at Hawkesley Church Primary Academy in January 2019.

Carl Watkins

Acting Headteacher, Quinton Church Primary School

Carl was appointed Acting Headteacher at Quinton Church Primary School in January 2020. Previous to this, he was Assistant Headteacher at the school for 3 years. Throughout his teaching career, Carl has taught in all year groups and has led maths, PE, history, geography, science, pupil premium and behaviour at a number of schools across Sandwell.