Christian Distinctiveness Team

Jill Stolberg

Christian Distinctiveness Advisor

Jill Stolberg is a Christian Distinctiveness Advisor for BDMAT, in addition to her role advising on Church School Distinctiveness for the Birmingham Diocesan Board of Education. She began her teaching career in a Church of England VA school in 1983 and, after teaching in primary schools, she moved to Higher Education, training primary teachers with a particular focus on Religious Education, but also working with the Westhill RE Centre, providing distance learning support for serving teachers. She gained a MEd in Religious Education from Birmingham University in 1997. Beginning as an officer for the Board of Education in 2006, she leads training in Religious Education, Collective Worship for headteachers, teachers and clergy, as well as serving on four local Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACREs).  Jill also provides training and support to colleagues in developing and maintaining church school distinctiveness and in responding to the expectations of the Section 48 inspection schedule (SIAMS).  Occasional days when Jill advises for BDMAT are likely to be Mondays and Wednesdays.