Governance structure

  • Members
  • Board of Directors
  • Local Academy Boards

BDMAT Company structure



  • Christine Arrowsmith
  • Melanie Crooks
  • Geoff Harley-Mason
  • Olivia Jenkins
  • Christopher Mansell
  • Nigel Oram
  • Nick Pilditch
  • Revd Barrie Scott
  • Steven Skakel
  • Dr Jan Smart
  • Sarah Smith
Directors attendance at meetings 2018-2019

School Effectiveness Committee

The School Effectiveness Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors. The members of the committee include the Chair of the Trust, Directors and the Chief Executive Officer, as Accounting Officer.  The School Effectiveness Committee meets termly.  Members of the committee:

Sarah Smith (Chair)
Christine Arrowsmith
Geoff Harley-Mason
Christopher Mansell
Barrie Scott
Jan Smart

School Effectiveness Committee Terms of Reference

Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors.  Its purpose is to oversee the annual process of statutory independent audit, the completion of the annual report and financial statements and the exercise of internal financial control.

The members of the committee include the Chair of the Trust, Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, as Accounting Officer.  The Chief Finance & Operations Officer also attends the meetings.  The committee meets at least termly. Members of the committee:

Melanie Crooks
Chris Manning
Christopher Mansell
Nick Pilditch
Steven Skakel (Chair)
Sarah Smith

Finance and Resources Committee Terms of Reference

Local Academy Boards

  • Coleshill CE Primary School – Carl Hindle (Chair)
  • Hawkesley Primary Academy – Revd Larry Wright (Chair)
  • Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy – David Willey (Chair)
  • Nonsuch Primary – Margaret Andrew (Chair)
  • Nethersole CE Academy – Christian Keen (Chair)
  • Quinton Church Primary  – Rob Jennings (Acting Chair)
  • St Clement’s CE Academy – Sajda Butt (Chair)
  • St George’s CE Academy, Newtown – Matt Thompson (Chair)
  • St George’s CE Academy, Edgbaston – Paul Manning (Chair)
  • St Margaret’s CE Academy – Jayne Hodgkiss & Helen Brown (Co-Chairs)
  • St Michael’s CE Primary, Bartley Green – Jon Slater (Chair)
  • St Michael’s CE Primary, Handsworth – Sam Cosgrove (Chair)

Affiliated Schools:

  • Austrey CE Primary – Ann Bufton-McCoy (Chair)
  • Newton Regis CE Primary – Ann Bufton-McCoy (Chair)
  • Warton Nethersole CE Primary – Rob Reuter (Chair)
  • Woodside CE Primary – Paul Day (Chair)


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