Nonsuch Primary School

Nonsuch Primary School is situated in the centre of the Woodgate Valley Estate in the heart of the Community and as such is a true Community School.

We aim to provide:

An education which is fully inclusive for all our pupils. We believe that every child matters in every way and we aim to meet their needs using the skills we have at our school and by engaging with other agencies to enhance the educational experiences of all our children

A respectful, caring and understanding environment where everyone’s point of view is taken into consideration when decisions are made

Challenging yet achievable goals that are worked towards through exciting and enjoyable experiences which inspire a love of learning

Opportunities to experience the world outside of the immediate community and raise aspirations.


Contact details

Nonsuch Primary School
Wood Leasow
Wodgate Valley
B32 3SE

Head teacher: Mrs Sally-Ann Roberts
Telephone: 0121 464 2064