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Our Vision and Ethos

The Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (BDMAT) recognises that the future for schools lies in formal collaborations; schools working together, in partnership, to offer life in all its fullness for the young people who attend them. Church schools have a very distinctive purpose: Education is taught in an environment where there is a set of values and ways of behaving that stem from and express the Christian foundation of the school. Our schools are about providing an education within a Christian framework for children of the local community of any faith or none; Our Trust seeks to provide a place where church schools and non-church schools who support our philosophy can continue to provide high quality education, knowing that their distinctive ethos will be protected into the future.

Strategic aims

To achieve our vision and values, we have developed the following strategic aims:

  • all decisions made have our values at their heart and are based on our Christian distinctiveness;
  • our schools should provide a high-quality broad and balanced curriculum, with enrichment opportunities that support a holistic approach to a child’s development including the nurturing of spirituality;
  • we have high aspirations for all children, including the most vulnerable in terms of academic achievement;
  • our schools are graded at least Good by Ofsted because of the quality of education they offer;
  • our staffs’ practice is enhanced by high quality professional development and performance management;
  • our trust is financially sustainable with high quality central services underpinning our work;
  • we celebrate and develop the unique characteristics of individual schools.

These strategic aims will be linked to a comprehensive set of key performance indicators (KPIs)

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Our Staff

Our Staff and Directors combine humility with determination. We see this in the example of Jesus. They are the nurturing leaders, who do not want credit, but want success to sustain over a longer period of time, long after they are gone.